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ArubaOS 8 centralized upgrade

In ArubaOS 8 we have several methods of upgrading the wireless infrastructure. All these methods have one thing in commmon; they need a repository for the new image to be downloaded. Historically this has been done using TFTP, FTP, FTPS or SCP from a dedicated server or the engineers own laptop. Starting from AOS 8.2 the Mobility Master or a Mobility Controller can be configured as a SCP server. Facilitating a central respository for image upgrades.

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Change of scenery

My blog has been dead for some time now. Mostly due to having two hyper-active kids and everything that follows with having a family. But I recently got the chance to start as a Systems Engineer at Aruba Networks here in Denmark. So I have decided to start blogging again about my new employment and the things that come with working for a vendor.</p> More to come :-)

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HP´s response to Meraki is here

It took a while but HP´s response to Cisco´s Meraki has hit the market. Say welcome to HP Cloud Network Manager! So far it looks like a joint-venture with Aruba who already has a cloud solution on the market, just with a HP twist to it.

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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1

Good news! Prime Infrastructure 2.1 is out and available.  But instead of getting a upgrade path from 1.4 we only get a 2.0 -> 2.1 upgrade. It seems that all that was promised in the 2.1 upgrade the last 6 months are postponed to 2.2. So no new LMS features, and were still waiting on the 7.6x wlc features.

I´ll be honest that i´m not the biggest fan of Prime. Too many bugs, slow feature turnaround. I´m personally prone to lean towards Solarwinds and HP´s IMC for many tasks, but Cisco´s getting there. If they hold true to their promise and deliver feature parity with LMS in 2015 and get rid of their stupid license department, they´ll have a kille product. But that´s many if´s...

New Features

  • Support for the new Catalyst 3650.
  • Support for all the new 802.11ac AP´s (3700, 2700 etc...).
  • AVC gets some UI improvements.

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I just wish that they would do something about the 15+ min. boot time and service restart. It´s a killer !

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IMC UAM Radius and IPv6

Yesterday while installing IMC for an POC (proof of concept) I stumbled on a problem with configuring radius on the UAM module. I had everything lined up and configured, but nothing was working!

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IMC operator LDAP / SSL authentication

IMC administrator / operators can be externally authenticated via LDAP or Radius. Combine LDAP authentication and a Active Directory and you get and easy way to authenticate your IMC administrators.

LDAP is relatively easy to setup if you´re using the basic configuration without encryption (SSL). While an easy and quick setup is nice now and then I will also go through the setup of LDAP over SSL authentication. In my opinion using encryption is crucial because passwords and usernames in cleartext over the wire isn´t exactly best practice.

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IMC 7.0 E0202

Since my change to HP networking, I´ve been working steadily on gaining experience on every aspect of HP networking products. One product in particular is HP´s IMC which is their solution to network management. In the past I have solely worked on Solarwinds and hold a SCP. But i´m pretty impressed with IMC and the roadmap that HP is showing. So far they have been able to stick to a 6 month update turnaround, which have shown good progress. Now with the latest version E0202 they have bumped IMC upwards with some enhancements and lots of bugfixes. (Read more...)

The starting point of my new blog

So it´s official... i´ll try and start blogging about everything networking and perhaps a little personal note once in a while :-D

First and foremost this blog will be about my life as a network specialist. I have worked with Cisco for 10 years now and have recently acquired a new job which entails a shift to HP networking products. Should be exciting.

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