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Cisco Prime Infrastructure 2.1

Good news! Prime Infrastructure 2.1 is out and available.  But instead of getting a upgrade path from 1.4 we only get a 2.0 -> 2.1 upgrade. It seems that all that was promised in the 2.1 upgrade the last 6 months are postponed to 2.2. So no new LMS features, and were still waiting on the 7.6x wlc features.

I´ll be honest that i´m not the biggest fan of Prime. Too many bugs, slow feature turnaround. I´m personally prone to lean towards Solarwinds and HP´s IMC for many tasks, but Cisco´s getting there. If they hold true to their promise and deliver feature parity with LMS in 2015 and get rid of their stupid license department, they´ll have a kille product. But that´s many if´s...

New Features

  • Support for the new Catalyst 3650.
  • Support for all the new 802.11ac AP´s (3700, 2700 etc...).
  • AVC gets some UI improvements.

Read the release notes here...

I just wish that they would do something about the 15+ min. boot time and service restart. It´s a killer !

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