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HP´s response to Meraki is here

It took a while but HP´s response to Cisco´s Meraki has hit the market. Say welcome to HP Cloud Network Manager! So far it looks like a joint-venture with Aruba who already has a cloud solution on the market, just with a HP twist to it. HP is launching with three AP models each targeted at a specific price range: {: .center}AP350

HP 365 Cloud Managed AP HP 355 Cloud Managed AP HP 350 Cloud Managed AP
Highest performance high client densities High performance voice and multimedia Cost effective and reliable wireless
802.11ac. 3X3 MIMO 1.3 Gbps Dual band 802.11n. 3X3 MIMO 450 Mbps Dual band 802.11n. 2X2 MIMO 300 Mbps

As of now there isn´t that much information to come by, and it´s unclear what long-term goals HP has for this solution. But stay tuned for more information as it arrives from HP.

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