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IMC 7.0 E0202

Since my change to HP networking, I´ve been working steadily on gaining experience on every aspect of HP networking products. One product in particular is HP´s IMC which is their solution to network management. In the past I have solely worked on Solarwinds and hold a SCP. But i´m pretty impressed with IMC and the roadmap that HP is showing. So far they have been able to stick to a 6 month update turnaround, which have shown good progress. Now with the latest version E0202 they have bumped IMC upwards with some enhancements and lots of bugfixes. Enhancements

  • Topology HTML 5 is now an option on the drop down menu and not hidden away.
  • IPv6 management, starting with Comware.
  • Virtualization (Vmware, Hyper-v/KVM / XEN get support for more template driven provisioning and other cool stuff.
  • Custom view gets some more love and care with better support for backup plans and alarm filtering, and  dynamic rules for selecting devices.


  • Devices adapters.
  • Device support (ASA 5520 / 40).
  • SSL support for LDAP.
  • Link Aggregation alarms now actually work.
  • Annoying pop-up removed if you´re not on a officially supported browser.


  • UAM gets some much needed fixes and love.
  • APM gets support for postgreSQL, Hyper-V, Vmware.
  • Aruba wireless now supported.
  • Wireless topology now gets some HTML5 support, but were still stuck on Java for the moment.
  • SDN management now includes app manegement. First step towards the new SDN app store!

Summary It´s safe to upgrade and I would advise that you do it as soon as possible. You can upgrade directly from 5.0 E0401. Read the release notes here...

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